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Grow your business through category management

Offers category management services for retailers and suppliers

Our services:

Choose from our services based on your category management needs:


Develops generic and customized  planogram using our licensed planogram software

Assortment Planning

Conducts assortment analysis and recommendation using POS and Retail audit data

Store Layout Planning

Improve store lay-out efficiency and maximize customer circulation path by proper space allocation and rightful category adjacency

Data Analysis

Analyze your category using POS and retail audit data and identify insights actionable through category management tactics

Category Management Training

Provides training and support on building your planogramming team

Planogram Software

Are you looking for a powerful and intuitive planogram software with a reasonable price? Then our partner planogram tool will be perfect for you!

Limited Store Space.
Unlimited Catman Opportunities.


Erick Cariaga

Founder - CATMAN+

We are ex-category management practitioners with a decade of experience working with multinational FMCG companies and a leading electronics retail abroad in applying category management concepts and tactics.

We have developed the expertise handling category management projects on major supermarkets, grocery, convenience stores and pharmacy personal care stores.

We have an in-depth understanding on identifying actionable catman opportunities on Personal Care, Home Care, Cooking Essentials, Dressing and Spreads, Mobile/PC electronics, Videogames, Books and stationery.

We are very excited to share our capabilities and add value to your category management journey.

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